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d you like to learn how to take up your daily cross with love, serenity and strength, and drink the cup of the Lord?

The Apostleship of the Cross teaches us how

A challenge for you who are seeking...

  • meaning to your joys and sorrows,

  • a closer relationship with God,

  • to bear His witness in the midst of the world,

  • friends who share your quests

  • to live the common priesthood

The Apostleship of the Cross is the answer

Transformation into Christ is not exclusively part of ministerial priesthood but belongs to the universal priesthood of the baptized.

"An encounter with the Lord brings about a profound transformation in all who do not close themselves off from him. The first impulse coming from this transformation is to communicate to others the richness discovered in the experience of the encounter. This does not mean simply teaching what we have come to know but also, like the Samaritan woman, enabling others to encounter Jesus personally: "mission" (Jn 4:29).

"They came and saw where he was staying; and they stayed that day with him" (Jn 1:38-39).  This "staying" is not limited to the day of one's call, but rather extends to the whole of life".  (Post-synodal Apostolic Exhortation Ecclesia in America, 68).

To follow is to respond to the invitation of  Jesus: "If anyone wishes to come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me". This leads us to follow Christ in the mystery of His Victim Priesthood, for which He offers Himself to the Father for the salvation of men. It implies living with and like Jesus, adopting His ideals, taking on His mission and His destiny, even being transformed in Him.

Nature, origins, and symbol of the Apostleship of the Cross (Statutes 1-6)

1.  The Apostleship of the Cross is a Catholic association of Christians who, moved by the Holy Spirit, follow Jesus Christ Priest and Victim, Contemplative and Compassionate, and in communion with Jesus collaborate with His salvific mission.

2.  The Apostleship of the Cross is open to all of the People of God: lay persons, religious, and ordained ministers.

3. The Apostleship of the Cross is a work inspired by God to Mrs. Concepción Cabrera de Armida. It was founded on May 3, 1895 by Archbishop Ramón Ibarra y González with the collaboration and support of Father Alberto Mir, SJ.  Pope Leo XIII approved the Work on May 25, 1898.  On July 9, 1926, Pope Pius XI entrusted the care and direction of the Work to the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit. At the time the enthusiastic driving force behind the Apostleship of the Cross was Father Félix de Jesús Rougier, Superior General of the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit.

4. The Apostleship of the Cross was the first of the five Works founded. The other four Works are: the Sisters of the Cross of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Covenant of Love with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Fraternity of Christ the Priest, and the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit.

5. The Apostleship of the Cross and the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit are two distinct works united by a common spirituality, mission, and history. Both works are entrusted with the responsible governance and guidance of the Apostleship of the Cross.

6.  Our symbol is the Cross of the Apostolate, and the intercessory cry of Conchita, «Jesus, Savior of all people, save them!» embodies our life long mission. 

What does the Apostleship of the Cross have to offer?

  • A way to find your personal fulfillment as an individual and as a Christian

  • A community in search of spiritual growth through prayer, shared faith
    and reflection on the Word of God

  • To discover and share with others the gifts that God has given you

  • The opportunity to do apostolic work in the service of the Church   


Fundamental practice of the of the members of the Apostleship of the Cross

They offer themselves with Jesus, Priest and Victim in their daily cross, that is, in their work and rest, in their sorrows and joys. United with Jesus, and through the hands of Mary, they make of their lives a priestly offering, so the Holy Spirit reigns for the glory of the Father. Imploring graces for the world, the Church and especially for priests.

The Chain of Love is the characteristic way of living the baptismal priesthood for those who live the Spirituality of the Cross.

Our call

The Apostleship of the Cross, in the Church, is a group of Christians who follow Christ, Priest and Victim, and who are moved by the Holy Spirit to:

  • Discover in their lives the salvific meaning of suffering accepted in love

  • Offer to the Father, through the hands of Mary, Christ, Priest and Victim

  • Offer the daily sacrifices and crosses of their lives with Christ, Priest and Victim, for the salvation of souls and the benefit of priests

  • Work efficiently to communicate to others the Spirituality of the Cross through their apostolic action. 

and thus give glory to the Heavenly Father, console the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and extend the kingdom of the Holy Spirit.



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