Life and Spirituality of Félix de Jesús Rougier

Risking the Future
Life and Spirituality of the
Venerable Félix de Jesús Rougier, M.Sp.S
by Ricardo Zimbrón L., M.Sp.S.



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Several times we have referred to the writings of Conchita Cabrera, fruit of her charism of prophecy, authenticated by excellent theologians. We have mentioned already that this charism consists of transmitting messages sent by God. In this chapter we will select some of what Conchita wrote about the Religious of the Cross, who were later known as missionaries of the Holy Spirit.

The principal sources of these texts are: "History of the Foundation of the missionaries of the Holy Spirit", written by Conchita, and her "Account of Conscience", her spiritual journal.

"When the Lord spoke to me about the Congregation of the Religious of the Cross, in February of 1804, He said:

-There will also be a congregation of men, when the women's congregation has been approved. But I will speak about this when the time comes." (History of the missionaries of the Holy Spirit p.1.)

"The promises of the Lord to this chosen group were very great. He said it would multiply like the stars in the sky and that it would give glory to the Christian religion, martyrs and saints to His Church." (Ibid.)

"Once in a while, among the 10 year period, He alluded to this promise, especially when He complained about the sins of some priests; and he referred to the future apostles of the Cross as to a place where He could rest."(Ibid.)

The Lord said:

-"I want these priests to be perfect, full of love for the Holy Spirit and the Cross, and I want them to set the world on fire with the divine fire which I long to see burning in all souls.

-"I want them to be men of prayer; who find their delight at the foot of my tabernacle and take from it that fire which they are to communicate in their ministry." (Ibid).

"Look, my daughter," the Lord told me one night, "I suffer a great deal because of bad priests, especially when they consecrate the Eucharistic bread and receive me in Communion with an impure soul. Many of those that world believes are mine really are not.

I want the priests of the Cross to really love me and belong to me.

And I multiplied my prayers and sacrifices to hasten the advent of this Congregation of pure and sacrificial men." (Ibid.)

"Ten years had gone by since the Lord had made the announcement referring to the Priests of the Cross, and my anxiety grew regarding the fulfillment of those promises.

I endured great sufferings, mortal sicknesses, and widowhood... And finally I put that idea aside, placing everything in the hand of Jesus. Then came the year of 1903, when on the 4th of February, the Lord led me to Father Félix Rougier, of the Society of Mary in a providential manner." (Ibid).

April 29, 1903. "Today, after going to Communion, the idea came to me that it would be impossible to establish the foundation for men because there would be a great deal of difficulty. But I heard a voice that said to me: --What is mine is carried out infallibly. What do you fear? What is man's passes away, but my promises will not pass away." (Journal)

"On June 19th, the Lord told me:

-A host of holy priests will appear. They will set the world on fire with the fire of the Cross.

I asked him:

-Will these priests belong to the Congregation you have told me about, my Jesus?

-Yes. They will be formed with singular perfection with the doctrine I have given to you, which is the essence of the Gospel. You will be the spiritual mother of many, but it will cost you a thousand martyrdoms. Be true to me and do my will." (Journal, June 1903).

April 14, 1904. "Today I finished writing the Constitutions for the Congregation of men. The only thing lacking is the chapter on the Course of Studies, because I don't know anything about that. But I understood that it is the will of the Lord that instead of having much human science, they have the science of the Cross of Christ, and that at all limes they consider the spirit first. Because it would not do any good for them to be wise if they are not holy. The Lord is tired of priests conceited about their own talent, who seek applause and glory for themselves and not for God."

"The virtues which will characterize the Religious of the Cross will be modesty, purity and mortification. They ought to be a deep well of science, but of a science that makes them more and more aware of their nothingness. Of course they should have enough knowledge for spiritual direction, but what is important is that the paths and virtues they teach be paths they have walked and virtues they have practiced." (Journal)

"Msgr. Valverde told me that I should regard my sorrows as precious coins with which the Lord wills that I pay for the Works of the Cross. Oh, yes, yes! With all my heart I will offer up everything I can so that the longed for foundation of the priests of the Cross take place." (Journal May 8, 1904).

July 22, 1912. "Archbishop Ibarra came to Mexico City and we went over the points for the Directory that the Lord wants, which will be a spiritual treasure for the Priests of the Cross. It will be divided into four parts:

1. Their life as sons of God the Father.
2. Their relationship to the Incarnate Word by the fact of being priests.
3. Their relationship to the Holy Spirit because they are religious.
4. Their intimate affiliation with Mary." (Journal)

"Lord, when will I see the Religious of the Cross? I said.

And He answered me:

-They will come, my daughter, and you will see them. They will give me much glory and will be my chosen Congregation." (History p. 260).

"The Lord has said that unless they be saintly, spiritual and mortified, they will make noise, but they will not bear fruit for heaven". (Journal V.6 p.86).

"This work will be very helpful in the renewal of the world. Through it the Incarnate Word comes to renew the mystery of Redemption and to plant His Cross, not on the ground but in the hearts of many; and it will make souls burn with the fire of the Holy Spirit." (1911. Journal V.25 p. 44)

"Look, daughter, the Priests of the Cross will drink from this fountain, and they will be found all over the world. They will go, as did the Apostles, teaching Jesus and the reign of His Cross. The Holy Spirit will accomplish these marvels and they will glorify my Father. These religious will organize something like a new crusade throughout the world, they will do much good, and everywhere there will be a great renewal.” (Journal 1913, October 17).

"Those religious will complement the Works of the Cross. They will offer themselves to the Father as victims with Me, and in this way will reach salvation and perfection for many souls and they will give Me much glory." (Journal V.25 p.25)

"I want them to offer themselves with me to the Father, saying as I do: “THIS IS MY BODY, AND THIS IS MY BLOOD.” Only in this way will they be worthy of saying these words when they celebrate the Holy Sacrifice, transformed in ME by the faithful imitation of my life and my surrender.

"Oh, daughter, there are many priests who dare pronounce those most holy words without being in any way like Me...!" (Journal V.41 p. 319).

"The world collapses, and the Incarnate Word comes to save it once more. He comes to point out a new path, a new area of perfection, to sanctify souls through very easy and perfect means, to counteract the flood of vices.

"It is the task of the Priests of the Cross to accomplish this conquest. That is why they will live my life, they will imitate me in the purity of their bodies and the holiness of their souls and they will transform themselves in Me through loving sacrifice." (History V.1 p. 108)

"I promise you that many of the Priests of the Cross will reach very high degrees of perfection in the spiritual life, in the mystical life, where special manifestations of the Holy Trinity can occur. This kind of spiritual life has almost died out in the world today, because the souls which decide to embrace the Cross for love of Me are really very few.

"But this spiritual apathy, this world of the flesh, which has made its way even among religious will be destroyed. And this century, which indeed is a century of great sins and great natural disasters will also be one of spiritual reaction, a mystical resurrection, and an army of apostles will arise who will give glory to God.

-But, when will this be, my God?

-Very soon." (History V. l p. 108).

"This Work is important because it is mine. It is not man's, but God's. It is a plant that will grow and will be a flourishing tree in my Church. It will give many fruits of sanctity and will save many souls. But it needs the watering of the Cross, that is why those religions will constantly unite their sacrifices to mine. I will be with them, and those who belong to this Work or help to extend it, will receive a special reward.

"It is necessary that the Priests of the Cross be more concerned with their own personal sanctification than with the activities of their ministry; that they understand all this well and that they explore in depth my will regarding them. I do not wish external fanfare, but rather spiritual strength. I do not want them to twists my plans. Only if they should live an intense spiritual life will they have my blessings and fulfill my designs on earth. I am before all things.

"This Congregation has its particular ends, its special being, a divine character that it must preserve. This is very serious and they should be attentive to it if they do not wish to spoil my plans and risk a failure.

"If they love Me, and wish to preserve the genuine spirit of the Congregation, let them study what I have asked of it, that they be formed according to that spiritual plan and live in its totality the spirituality I have given them.

Then they will join Me and we will form as one soul and one will." (Journal V.25. p. 236.)

"I am the first Priest of the Cross and the model for those who are to come, because I am priest and victim. I will be the first among the members of that foundation, and all those who enter will follow only Me and will therefore be truly my brothers, I will be the one to govern those priests of the Cross, because I want them to be holy. I will pour over them my Holy Spirit in every special way, and it will kindle their minds and hearts. And my Father will have special regard for them and will pour his perfection into each heart that corresponds to the singular grace of serving Him in this Congregation." (History V. 1 p. 105. See Journal February 10, 1907).

"My only true Bride is the Church. I chose her from all eternity to make her the repository of all the riches of heaven. Don't you see/hat I live in her and delight in her?

"Well, the Religious of the Cross will form a choice part of my Church, I promise you, and they will provide important leverage lot the salvation of the world. Those who give themselves wholly to the ideals of this Congregation will receive immense treasures of sanctity, to share them with my whole Church." (History V. 1. p. 107).

"This is my plan for the Priests of the Cross. That is why I want to be their elder brother, to guide them, to be their model at all times, to live with them, not only exteriorly in the Sacrament of the Eucharist, but especially in each heart, with the intimacy of a brother, of a spouse, of a friend, of everything." (History V. 1 p. 112).

"I will be the cloister of the true Religious of the Cross. The material cloister is only a means, but living in Me is its end. "I wish to fill the heart of these brothers of mine I have mentioned to you, of those chosen children, of those pure souls. I want them to drink the science of love and of the Cross from Me; this is the science of the true saints". (Hidden Manna. p.186)

When the missionaries of the Holy Spirit read these things, we feel really concerned.  We know that when God enters into a covenant, he makes great promises, but they are conditioned on the fidelity of man. God promised that this Congregation would be founded despise any opposition and He fulfilled his promise, because our founders were faithful to Him to a heroic degree. But He also promised that we would be very numerous, that there would be many saints among us and that we would be a powerful force for salvation in the Church.

However, the truth is that we are not very numerous, nor do we see many saints among us, nor do we do great things in this world of God...

What is happening to us? Has not the Lord been faithful in pouring in abundance His Spirit over us? Undoubtedly He has been faithful, and each of us is a witness to His love and boundless mercy. But we have not responded as generously. That is why we are only good.

It is always possible to change; to take seriously the love of God has for us, to choose new and just options, "to straighten the paths, so the salvation of God will come to us."

Be patient Lord! We are going to pay our debts to you....

Then you will make us numerous as the stars in the sky to sanctify many in your church. Amen.

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