A Mother's Spiritual Diary

Her spiritual directors

  1. First director: Father Alberto Mir, S.J. (Dec. 13, 1852 – Dec. 22, 1916).  He directed her for ten years, from the beginning of the year 1893.  With his profound knowledge of the ways of the spiritual life, he rooted her solidly in the ascetical way, especially in the virtues of obedience and humility.
  2. Father Félix Rougier, S.M. (Dec. 17, 1859 – Jan. 10, 1938). He confirmed her in her deep love for the Church and her representatives and in the most simple and heroic obedience, of which he himself was a living example. His direction was interrupted on Aug. 25, 1904, by his voyage to Europe to undertake the founding the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit.  His religious superiors kept him there for ten years.  On Dec. 25, 1914, he finally founded the so desired Congregation and his cause for beatification was introduced in Rome.
  3. Canon Emeterio Valverde y Tellez (March 1, 1864 – Dec. 26, 1948) afterwards named bishop of the diocese of Leon. He directed her from September 22 to May 1905. He was very cultivated.
  4. This direction was then continued by Father Maximino Ruiz (Aug. 19, 1875 – May 11, 1949), after the month of June 1906 until that of September 1912. He was a great theologian and jurist of his time.  Named bishop of Chiapas, then auxiliary bishop of Mexico.
  5. Bishop Ramon Ibarra y Gonzalez (Oct. 22, 1853 – Feb. 1, 1917), first bishop of Chilapa, then bishop of Puebla, then first archbishop of this same diocese.  A brilliant student at the Roman Universities: Doctor of Theology, in Ecclesiastical and Civil Law and also in Philosophy. Personally appreciated by Leo XIII. His direction began in October 1912 and ended the day of his death Feb. 1, 1917. His cause of beatification was introduced in Rome.
  6. Bishop Emeterio Valverde y Tellez, after 1917 until 1925.
  7. Her last spiritual director was Bishop Luis Maria Martinez (1881-1956), auxiliary bishop of Morelia, then archbishop-primate of Mexico and in charge of the Affairs of the Holy See at an extremely difficult time in the country.  A famous author of spiritual theology; he himself, a great mystic, directed Conchita from July 7, 1925 to the more mature period of her spiritual life, until the day of her death March 3, 1937.  As a theologian, he explains the doctrine of the Cross.