A Mother's Spiritual Diary

Important dates in the life of
Concepción Cabrera (Conchita)

December 8 1862 Birth
December 10 1862 Baptism
December 8 1872 First Communion
September 16 1881 Desire of perfection
November 8

First spiritual retreat
January 14


Inscription of the Holy Name of Jesus - Birth of the Works of the Cross
January 23 1894 "Total self-surrender" - Spiritual nuptials
May 3


Erection of the first Cross of the Apostolate - Birth of the Apostleship of the Cross, first of the five Works of the Cross, which bring together the People of God: to unite her own suffering and labors to those of Christ for continuing His salvific work in the world
February 9 1897 Spiritual marriage
May 3


Founding of the Sisters of the Cross of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, second Work of the Cross: contemplatives nuns of perpetual adoration who offer their lives for the Church, especially for priests
September 17 1901 Death of her husband
February 4 1903 Meeting with Father Felix Rougier
March 25 1906 Grace of the mystical incarnation
November 30


Founding of the Covenant of Love with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, third Work of the Cross, for persons who in their own state of life commit themselves to seek perfection according to the spirituality of the Cross
January 19


Founding of the Fraternity of Christ Priest, fourth Work of the Cross, for bishops and priests who want to live in this spirituality and help other works of the Cross
August-December 1913 Pilgrimage to the Holy Land and to Rome
November 17 1913 Audience with Pius X
April 10 1914 Founding of the Dominical Communion on behalf of priests
December 25


Founding of the missionaries of the Holy Spirit, fifth Work of the Cross: a clerical religious Congregation specially devoted to priestly works and dedicated to the spiritual direction of souls
February 2


Last state of her life: meditation in depth and special devotion to the "solitude" of Mary during her own solitude
October 31


Founding of the Crusade of victim souls on behalf of homes: in their own state of life they offer themselves, in the same spirituality of the Cross, for the glory of the Father and for expiating sins in marriage and in society
March 3 1937 Holy death
September 29 1959 Canonical opening of the Process of Beatification in Rome
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December 20 1999 She was declared Venerable by John Paul II
June 8 2018 Pope Francis authorized the promulgation of the decree concerning her beatification
May 4 2019 Beatification in Mexico City, Mexico